UltraViolet revolutionizes the way consumers store and watch movies and TV shows.

There are so many mobile devices where you can watch UltraViolet movies like different iPhones, iPods, and iPads; Android phones; Mac OS; Consoles; and Google TV. You can also watch UV movies on your personal computer. All Windows PCs can play UltraViolet content through the desktop application.

The UltraViolet Fad

UltraViolet is an advanced platform of collecting, gaining access to, and watching the latest movies or TV episodes in the cloud. Through cloud computing, the content is stored in an online repository so you can stream and download instantaneously to mobile phones, game consoles, or personal computers.

Look for the unique UV logo every time you purchase motion picture flicks and television programs on DVD, Digital High-Definition, or Blu-Ray discs.

Each time you get a DVD with the UltraViolet Sticker, there is a yellow and violet card inside which contains the exclusive code.

Follow this guide to create a UV account: https://ultravioletplayer.tv/guides/how-to-create-an.ultraviolet-account/. After creating your account successfully, add the code to your library of content. You can now use the programs like Flixster to stream/download the content to the personal computer or other compatible platforms. It is possible to share the UV library with a maximum of five users. Each one should have a distinct user name, password, and access level. This can be PG referring to Parental Guidance, 12, or 15.

Downloading UV Digital Copies to PC or Mac

Now, go through these steps in downloading UV digital content to Mac or personal computers:

Step 1: First, redeem the UltraViolet copy by navigating to http://video.flixster.com.

Step 2: The process of redemption starts with setting up the Flixster or UV account. UltraViolet is the cloud while Flixster is the service for playing back content.

Step 3: Install the video application from App Store to the Internet Operating System.

Step 4: Open the video and proceed to the ‘My Collection’ label and choose your desired movie or show.

Step 5: Tap ‘Download’ on the next page.

Step 6: Tap ‘Watch’ and the application will default to offline viewing following the download.

Don’t forget these pointers:

  • Movie content use up lots of space on your device which is about 500 MB. Remember this before you download.
  • It may take some time to download one film. This normally takes from 30 minutes to an hour if you have slow Wi-Fi connection or use 3G.
  • To delete content, go to ‘My Collection’. Tap the App and ‘Downloads’.
  • Choose the movie you want to erase.
  • Touch the trash bin. Confirm that you want the downloaded title deleted.

Set up an UltraViolet Account

Before watching any UV movie on your personal computer, create an UltraViolet account on its website. Redeem a title enabled by UltraViolet. Follow instructions on the insert package until the redemption screen is prompted. In case your universal account has not been linked to the UltraViolet account, you will be advised to create one and link this to your Universal account. You can now redeem the content after this is completed.

It is important to link your account with other retailer accounts because you can synchronize all the UV content automatically and make purchases regardless of provider to a specific location in the cloud. The bottom line is you know the content is secure. Synching happens instantly and without human intervention. You can access using any personal computer, UV retailer application, or compatible gadget from any place.

How to Link your Account?

It’s easy to link your UltraViolet and retailer accounts.

Step 1: Once you sign up with a provider or movie studio, you will receive a prompt to also log in to your UV account.

Step 2: Check the ‘Remember Me’ box so you need not sign in every time you want to use or watch movies and programs.

Step 3: You will be able to sign in after completing the process. You may add or access titles in your UV account.

For those who are fond of UltraViolet movies, it is not difficult to manage your accounts. Visit www.myUV.com so you can manage your user names, passwords, linked services, and other related concerns. It’s possible to purchase titles in two ways:

  • Purchase physical discs with the UltraViolet symbol. The authorization code permits users to access and obtain the copy through the Internet.
  • Likewise, buy the movies through e-commerce websites of participating sellers.

There are three ways to watch UltraViolet movies:

  • Stream digital content through the web.
  • Download and play locally.
  • Or, download and burn to a compatible disc.

Another alternative is based on the content rights. Therefore, this may not apply to all movies and TV episodes.

Streaming and Downloading Content

Users are allowed to perform up to three streaming sessions at one time for a single account. On the other hand, the number and kind of devices where UV files may be downloaded depends on the retailer and title.

To recap, the films and programs added to the UltraViolet library may be streamed and downloaded to any of the following:

It is suggested that users should have the updated versions of Internet Explorer, Google (Chrome or Safari), and Mozilla Firefox. You also have to get the latest edition of Adobe Flash.

This is one question that many users inquire about: What happens to their rights in the event that a merchant or redemption site such as Flixster suddenly terminates its association with UltraViolet? There is no problem regarding this since movies and shows in their collection are still available to them.

Flixster is one of the leading social media websites for discovering and learning new motion pictures in the United States where users can get their UltraViolet movies for streaming and transferring to any devices like personal computers.

Where to Redeem

It is not necessary to get all UltraViolet movies from a single retail outlet. All titles will simply be added to your library and watched from other sources. The rights of users to films, shows, or episodes will never expire or run out.

UltraViolet rights mean that if account holders redeem and include titles to their libraries, records of these UV titles will not expire. On the contrary, these will stay in the repository unless of course the user decides to delete the title.

The streaming of UltraViolet movies as well as TV episodes calls for fast Internet connection. Streaming providers will ensure that all types of digital content are accessible upon demand on multiple devices and different services. Fortunately for movie buffs, the streaming process does not include extra expenses for a maximum of one year following redemption.

There are no additional fees in streaming for specific devices, equipment and applications. This is a call made by the provider of UltraViolet movies. However, users may be charged minimal fees after one year. Consumers are notified ahead of time before streaming titles. They have the option to decline or accept that streaming service. Availability of streaming is likewise subject to a number of limitations or constraints for certain movies within a particular duration.

You may watch content downloaded films or shows in your personal computer or any matching player even if there is no Internet connection. Costs for streaming and downloading apply if prescribed by the ISP.

There’s a clause on expiration dates for redemption codes. What does this mean? All users are required to redeem UltraViolet movies and television series and add that content to their respective accounts on or before published dates for redemption. Otherwise, they lose the rights by virtue of said policy.

More than one individual is allowed to access a particular account. In other words, more than one person may sign in to an UltraViolet account with three streaming sessions running at the same time among these members who share the account. The limit of compatible players like personal computers is 12.

Convenience and Affordability

UltraViolet may be made accessible through Electronic Sell Thru or EST in the future. This will come together with UltraViolet Combos through web-based vendors. You may access digital UV content even if you are in any country other than the United States making it convenient and cost-effective for consumers.

The UltraViolet platform is a digital rights depository specifically created for movies and television programs. The Digital Entertainment Content Eco-system (DECE) backs the UltraViolet model. DECE is made up of over 80 enterprises including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cable TV firms and movie outfits. DECE is involved in actual design and classification of the UV environment which consists of formulating specifications, determining rules and guidelines, and other functions.

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