Your Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles can be used to watch UltraViolet movies. There are a few options to choose from.

Those who love Xbox can enjoy not only video gaming with this console. You can watch the latest UltraViolet movies as well. Stream or download a variety of films and episodes to the Xbox making use of the Flixster application, or other programs such as Vudu, Groove Streaming Media, or Play To. You can even stream media content to your Xbox from your PC.

Do it with Flixster

There are certain requirements but these are not really difficult to produce.

  • You should be an Xbox Live Gold member for a monthly subscription.
  • You currently reside in the United States.
  • The unit must have a minimum of 125 MB (free space) for installing Flixster.

Assuming the Xbox 360 meets said requirements, the next step is to install the application from Xbox Live Marketplace. The digital distribution platform is now known as Xbox Game Store which is used by Xbox One and the 360 models. Said service also offers sections for the downloading of video content.

Now, proceed by doing the following:

Step 1: Navigate to the Xbox Game Store.

Step 2: Find Flixster.

Step 3: The Store Item (Flixster or Movies by Flixster) appears.

Step 4: Download the application.

Step 5: You can stream and download content to the Xbox 360 using the app.

Use Vudu

With Vudu, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Download Vudu app from the Xbox Game Store.

Step 2: Link the Vudu account to your UltraViolet Movies account that contains your license.

Step 3: Now, you can stream and download continuously to the Xbox 360 console.

Groove Streaming Media

Here’s another interesting development.

Use Xbox 360 to stream media with Groove, Television, UltraViolet Movies or Windows Media Player.

Groove Music used to be Xbox and Zune Music or Microsoft Groove. Microsoft developed this online streaming service for digital music through subscription or direct purchase courtesy of Windows Store. The Groove catalog has more than 50 million tracks.

You may stream music, images and video content to the Xbox console from any personal computer. Check out Windows Media Center Support of Xbox 360 for additional information in streaming content from the PC.

Step 1: Connect the console to your network. Proceed to the second step if you are connected (Install Windows Media Player). Otherwise, hook up your console to the home network through wired or wireless connection. See to it your Xbox 360 can connect successfully.

  • From Home (Xbox), go to Settings. Choose System Settings.
  • Look for Network Settings.
  • Select Wired or Wireless Network.
  • Find Text Xbox Live Connection.
  • Once the status indicates Connected, go directly to Step #2. If not, choose more information on the Xbox console and follow the suggestions.

Step 2: Set up the Windows Media Player. Decide on which version you want to use.

For Windows Media Player 12 or Windows 7, follow these steps:

  • Select Turn on media streaming in Windows Media Player from Stream menu.
  • Turn on media streaming will appear in that page.
  • Name the media library.
  • Click OK.

For Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Vista, follow these steps:

  • Right-click (Library) and choose Media Sharing in Windows Media Player.
  • Click Share my Media.
  • Click OK.
  • Choose Xbox 360. Click Allow and OK.
  • Select settings if you want additional options.
  • Select OK once you are finished.

Play or view videos or music.

Play music:

  • Go to Music from Xbox Home and choose Groove Music.
  • Select playlist of melodies you prefer.

Play videos:

  • Go to Movies and Television or TV from Xbox 360 home.
  • Choose Microsoft Movies and TV.
  • Select video content you want to play.

Use Play To

‘Play To’ refers to the feature in MS Windows 7 for playing media (video, music and images) from the desktop to devices connected in the network. However, this feature is available only on certain devices (some PCs and mobile phones) fitted with the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). This is a not for profit trade association initiated by Sony in 2003. DLNA, with over 200 members, defines parameters allowing devices to share content with one another.

Stream Xbox video and music content to your Xbox 360 console with Play To. You can do this only with Windows 8.1 on mobile devices or desktops.

What are the requirements?

These are the stuff you will need:

  • Xbox one or Xbox 360 consoles with the PLAY TO enabled.
  • Personal computer or any other device that runs on Windows 8.1. You will also need the Xbox video or music. The computer or device must be located on the same network as the Xbox console.

Stream Media Content to Xbox from PCs

You may stream media content directly to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One console from the personal computer. These are the steps on proper and prompt streaming of videos, photos or audio clips:

Step 1: Start the Xbox 360 video or music on the PC.

Step 2: Choose content from the computer.

Step 3: Swipe from the right portion of the screen and choose Devices.

Step 4: Click Play.

Step 5: Select the console from list of devices. The media should begin playing if the console has been turned on.

It is possible to add either Xbox One or Xbox 360 to the list of various devices on your personal computer.

In case you can’t see yet your own console in the PC’s list of devices, there is no cause for worry. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Swipe from the right part of the screen and choose Settings.

Step 2: Click the icon that says Change PC Settings.

Step 3: Select the PC & devices from the navigation panel on the left side.

Step 4: Select the Devices icon.

Step 5: Click Plus or + symbol to add any device on the right side.

Step 6: Select either Xbox One or Xbox 360 console.

Make sure the Xbox console is turned on and connected to the web so this can be detected by your computer. If the console does not appear as an available device, see the ‘Play To’ overview for Xbox 360. You can get information on how to enable this on your console. Or, change the Xbox console preferences for information regarding enabling this to your Xbox.

Blu-Ray and DVD Apps on Xbox One

You can easily watch Blu-Ray and DVD motion pictures on Xbox One. However, it is necessary to install the apps by choosing any one of these options:

Install from the Xbox Home:

Step 1: Go to Store from Xbox Home.

Step 2: Choose Search.

Step 3: Then, type Blu-Ray on the search bar. Press the Menu button. Choose the Blu-Ray player application as soon as it appears.

Step 4: Select either Free or Install so you can start downloading and installing the Blu-Ray app.

Step 5: Start installing by inserting any Blu-Ray or DVD disc into the Xbox One.

Step 6: Choose the Blu-Ray Disc application once it appears.

Step 7: Select Free or Install on the Blu-Ray Player app details page.

Step 8: At this time, the Blu-Ray disc should begin playing automatically.

Xbox Live

One of the trendiest applications for movies is currently on Xbox Live. At present, Flixster is accessible for subscribers of Xbox Live only in the United States so consumers can watch their favorite movies on television. Flixster allows users to purchase or rent numerous popular films. You only need to check out schedules at local theaters and gain access to the most recent flicks from Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes and Tomato Meter ratings represent the most trusted measurement of quality entertainment. It is the primary online aggregator of movie and television show reviews made by professional reviewers. Flixster also provides users easy access to a wide collection of UltraViolet movies on Xbox One or Xbox 360.

With Flixster, you can now look forward to the following:

  • Rent or buy standard or high-definition movies.
  • Check out current listings of movies in nearby theaters.
  • Scrutinize new and forthcoming DVD releases.
  • Watch premium quality motion picture trailers.
  • Gain access to details regarding movies which include film advertisements, summaries and scores from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Sort out and watch movies from your library of UltraViolet movies.
  • You can navigate using the voice and signal controls with Kinect for Xbox 360.

Kinect refers to a line of motion sensory input devices for MS Xbox game consoles and Windows PCs.

You can now download the app free of charge from Xbox Live and start watching UV movies.

UltraViolet Phenomenon

The UltraViolet system is a digital rights storeroom designed for movies and television programs which is cloud-based. Ultra Violet Player is a site filled with information about UltraViolet Movies. It is meant for people who are fascinated by Blu-Ray movies that you can watch on different devices. UltraViolet is a benefit for consumers who buy or rent digital content. They can now watch an assortment of motion picture flicks and TV content across multiple platforms.

Xbox is a brand for video gaming that was created and is owned by Microsoft. Xbox stands for several consoles released in the 6th, 7th, and 8th generations in that order as well as apps for video games and streaming services.

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