Windows mobile phone users can also enjoy watching UltraViolet movies on their devices. You can either stream or download your preferred movies.

Here’s good news for people on-the-go who love watching UltraViolet movies. You can still watch the latest flicks on selected mobile devices. Among these trend-setting gadgets on the market are Windows phones.

Download & Watch Movies

If you own a Windows phone, stream and download your preferred movies and shows by first downloading the Flixster application. This is easy even for non-techie users. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the way from your home screen to Windows Store.

Step 2: Look for the Flixster icon as soon as you reach the Windows Store.

Step 3: After locating the app, proceed with downloading or download directly from the website at

Step 4: Once you have finished installing Flixster, you’ll get trouble-free access to multiple features such as:

  • Watch previews or clips of different smash hits.
  • Read the newest honest-to-goodness motion picture reviews as a result of Rotten Tomatoes combination.
  • Look for local cinemas near your place as well as screening schedules. Through Yelp integration, it is easier to locate local restaurants for grabbing a bite before or after watching movies.

Alas, 1080p High-Definition (HD) streaming is not supported on the Flixster application for Windows phones. However, there will be a new feature soon particularly with phones like Nokia LUMIA with 1080p displays.

To be assured of smooth standard definition videos, the Internet connection should be more than 2MBs. For High-Definition, 3-D or 4K, the particular speed requirement is higher.

UltraViolet Streaming for Windows Phone 8

It is reported that the Flixster app in Windows Phone 8 allows users to watch and stream UltraViolet movies. This model belongs to the second generation of Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system with flat user interface using Metro design language. It was followed by Windows phone 8.1.

By the way, UltraViolet has a digital rights authentication system, or DRA for short. This was designed for watching digital films almost everywhere. In layman’s terms, it is a “Buy only once but play anywhere platform.”

Since Windows phones got the Flixster update, more and more users yearn for UltraViolet movies. If you purchase or rent digital movie content, it is possible to watch using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Go to Create or log in to your account if you already have one. Then, you can take pleasure in watching your selected titles.

Flixster Video Streaming

Flixster application for Windows phones supports video streaming. It brings one of the motion picture service’s major features to the phone operating system of Microsoft. Flixster functions as an independent website or mobile application. The social movie portal is one of the main video streaming services for UltraViolet movies.

The system enables users to rent or buy videos directly from Flixster or redeem in-box codes that come with majority of releases from the Blu-Ray disc storage format. Flixster is owned by Comcast (NBC Universal) and Fandango Media (Time Warner/Warner Bros). It is the parent website of Rotten Tomatoes, a reputable site for movie reviews, trailers and show schedules.

The inclusion of video streaming puts Flixster practically at the same level with the app of Windows phone 8. This is an advantage even if it does not support HD content at the moment. The Internet operating system of Flixster app also supports streaming of high-definition movies along with Android apps. In spite of such limitation, the app is ranked high among Windows phones top-rated applications since it was released. At present, Flixster is free at the Windows Phone Store. Users who acquired the app can download this new version by proceeding to the Store list.

Popularity of Streaming

Streaming refers to multi-media received and presented to end-users while providers take care of delivery. It is an alternative option to downloading which is a procedure wherein users get the content files prior to watching. In this case, contents signify UltraViolet movies.

The process is fast developing into a very popular method of utilizing digital content. It could be games, movies or audio clips. There are numerous streaming services right now.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Video
  • Play Station VUE
  • Sling Orange
  • Crackle
  • Twitch
  • Vevo

One of the most prevalent ways of watching movies is by means of UltraViolet which allows users to stream content obtained through Vudu and Flixster. On the mobile phone side, Windows does not have an official Vudu application which facilitates streaming without going to mobile websites or computers. On the other hand, Flixster provides access to some UltraViolet movies although there are some that don’t come out on the service. Hence, users should apply with Vudu.

Rotten Tomatoes

To reiterate, Rotten Tomatoes, the number one movie app for viewing movie trailers, reviews of leading critics, and show times, is now on Windows phones.

What does Rotten Tomatoes offer?

  • Box office hits
  • Forthcoming chart-busters
  • New DVD releases
  • Trailers of more than 15, 000 epic films and independent motion pictures
  • User reviews from Flixster community
  • Search for movie titles
  • Stream UltraViolet movies collection

Vudu & Windows Phones

Vudu launched its certified app for Windows 10 in September of last year. Vudu is a well-known digital service for purchasing and renting movies and TV episodes/programs. These are what you can look forward to from the Windows 10 Vudu app through Microsoft Power User or MSPU:

  • See up-to-the-minute movies from local cinemas even before these are released in Blu-Ray or DVD.
  • Stay tuned to the TV episode after the daily broadcast or watch the complete seasons.
  • Join Vudu free of charge. You can own or rent pre-selected movies without any subscription or late rental fees.
  • Stream at once or download to access the digital UltraViolet movies anytime and anywhere.
  • You may also connect to UV and Disney movies and gain access to your collections from the Vudu application.

At this point, the app is available only for personal computers making native streaming improbable on the Windows 10 mobile phone. This can be obtained free from the Windows Shop. On the optimistic side, you can use the app for tablets or desktop computers.

Step 1: For PCs, download Vudu-to go. Visit the site, and choose Services tab.

Step 2: Tap Convert DVD.

Step 3: Once you get there, one option is download Vudu-to go app. Sign into your Vudu account once it has been downloaded to the computer.

Step 4: This will provide you instant access to the Vudu collection.

Step 5: Stream online or download the digital content that you can play offline.

Paramount also made available to the public allowing you to play its exclusive movies from your library of UltraViolet movies. However, it is quite redundant compared to Flixster especially in terms of design. Titles are not clear but the app is still free just like Flixster.

Windows Phone Apps for Watching Online

There are several windows phone applications that permit you to enjoy movies and previews on the web. The truth is watching movies at home or through mobile is a favorite leisure pursuit among many people nowadays.

Since the desktop is heavy and cumbersome, Windows phones can be the best alternative because of their size and portability.

UltraViolet Revolutionizes Movie Watching

UltraViolet is a game-changer. The movie industry fluctuates. The business model is no longer uncomplicated. Now, people don’t watch from theaters and players alone but from mobile devices like Windows phones. The concept is novel and liked by consumers even as execution is still far from being 100% perfect. But, for all that it matters, UltraViolet is a straightforward digital locker configuration that captivates people who love watching movies and TV programs from all kinds of devices.

All except for one movie studio giants back the concept of UltraViolet movies. These studios are the following:

  • Warner Bros (formerly Warner Brothers Pictures incorporated)
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Sony Pictures
  • Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation
  • Road Show Entertainment
  • 20th Century Fox owned by 21st Century Fox
  • BBC Worldwide (British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • NBC Universal (US multimedia conglomerate)

The only company that does not support UltraViolet is Disney Movies which maintains its own digital library known as Disney Movies Anywhere which is an alternative platform to UltraViolet movies.

Disney Movies Anywhere is both a website and application that users can browse through, purchase and view their compilation of Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar titles across various devices.

Ultra Violet Player ( is a portal that publishes information concerning UltraViolet Movies. The site is designed for movie buffs fascinated by digital content that you can watch on different devices.  The UltraViolet platform helps make a distinction between content, devices and services from multiple service providers. These include cable television providers; manufacturers of consumer electronic products; film studios; retail outlets; and Internet Service Providers that work in partnership with one another.

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