You can watch UltraViolet Movies right from your iPhone. You can either stream or download the content you want to watch.

It’s a techie world indeed! Nowadays, there are many ways to watch TV programs and movies. One of the newest innovations is known as UltraViolet Movies.  This sophisticated “Ultra” technology refers to a digital repository that allows users to download and stream in selected devices. The best part is the platform is free of charge.  All you need to do is buy a show or movie with the UltraVIolet sticker. Then, you can just attach a code to your UV online account. UltraViolet players like Flixster (a social movie website) will confirm your access to the file before downloading or streaming the movie hassle-free.

UltraViolet Player is a WordPress site loaded with information regarding UltraViolet Movies. The platform is meant for people who are fascinated by Blu-Ray movies that you can watch on different devices.

UltraViolet is a boon for consumers who buy digital content. They can watch motion picture flicks and TV content across several branded platforms. These include the following:

The UV symbol and name help distinguish content, gadgets and services from a variety of service providers. These are the likes of Cable TV firms; manufacturers of consumer electronics; movie studios; retail establishments; and ISPs that collaborate with one another.

Meanwhile, the Digital Entertainment Content Eco-system (DECE) supports the UltraViolet concept. DECE is composed of more than 80 enterprises including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cable TV firms and movie outfits. This particular group calls itself the UltraViolet Alliance.

Devices that Support UV Videos

Devices that Support UV Videos

Take your pick from several mobile and desktop gadgets where UV videos can be played through compatible apps. Mobile operating systems like iOS such iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 as well as Android match apps which include Flixster, Cinema Now and Vudu. Incidentally, you may purchase UltraViolet Movies from e-commerce shops or these could be bundled with Blu-Ray disc or DVD movies.

To be specific, here are the mobile and desktop devices supporting UltraViolet Movies:

How to Download and Watch

UV-formatted films may be streamed in two ways.

The first is via real-time playback (YouTube style) which requires stable Internet connection.
The second is downloading for offline playback if you are airborne or wireless-challenged setting on personal computers and mobile gadgets.

For iPhones and tablets, UV-compatible applications can be used for downloads and playbacks. Movies are seen in the download sections of said programs.

For Mac or PCs, the same limitations apply. For example, you must use a special Vudu player for matching videos. However, this process is expected to change with the launch of the Common File Format or CFC. This permits downloading of movies which are transported easily between devices.

Some of the more popular blockbusters or best-sellers in UV version include the following:

This works for all iPhones (X, Xs, 8, 7, 6 etc)

With the iPhone  8 onwards, the 7, 6, 5 and 4 (probably won’t work on older iPhones), here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a UV personal account by signing up at the DECE website.

step 1 how to watch ultraviolet movies on iphone
step 1 how to watch ultraviolet movies on iphone

Step 2: Once you’ve signed up, you can add movies and TV shows to your Library with any participating UltraViolet retailer, such as Fandango, Kaleidescape, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Verizon FiOS, and Vudu.

step 2 how to watch ultraviolet movies on iphone

Step 3: Once you’ve added movies to your library, you can start watching your UltraViolet movies.


  • Another option is to set up an account in the Flixster for iPhone, iPad or Mac. Flixster is the exclusive application that can be used for watching UltraViolet Movies. The iTunes media player doesn’t work with the UV system.
  • The film you bought may be added to your library with the Flixster program. Be careful though because some Hollywood motion pictures supposedly offer High-Definition digital videos on UltraViolet. However, the truth is you can only stream or download Standard definition (SD) versions. Don’t be surprised if you get one of these films. You may choose to download movies through Wi-Fi. Otherwise, streaming leads to rapid consumption of mobile data allowance on your iPhone.
  • This is the catch. UV facilitates downloading of said movies on a maximum of 12 devices; streaming it to three gadgets simultaneously; or, sharing the clips with six other family members. Sharing may entail creation of shared library for easier access. Remember, this is not really easy but it can be done minus the problems if you follow the correct process.
  • There are certain concerns aside from non-compatibility with iTunes. One is the multiple-step sign-up procedures for beginners. Another issue is the probable half truth from studios on whether the consumer gets the proper HD download. Also, consider the need to use various apps like iTunes that people use frequently.
  • You have to bear with inadequate customer service as well. There are no centralized phone numbers for Ultra Violet to call if concerns arise. The customer’s only alternative is to send an email which may not be answered right away using the UV or Flixster websites. Or, address your complaints to the Home Entertainment Group of the film outfit where you acquired the UltraViolet movies.

Numerous Benefits

There are other perks in using the Ultra Violet Player. It’s possible to share your UV library with family, friends and other digital movie enthusiasts. Content may be shared with a maximum of five individuals. You may provide individual accounts to each of these users and give them separate user names, passwords, parental controls, and permissions.

Parental control means dads and moms are allowed to supply each of their kids with different accounts along with passwords. Each account can have unique access rights. A perfect example is giving younger children access to Parental Guidance films. It will be less difficult for parents to prevent youngsters from watching restricted or inappropriate movies.

Network Technology

It’s quite safe to say UltraViolet is more of a conduit technology that links physical with digital media. The platform comes in as streamed reproduction of videos on sophisticated mobile apparatus. Aside from the physical disc (DVD), UV makes it possible for the user to store a copy of the same film in the cloud. This is a protected digital storeroom on any remote server.

It is always easy to pop in the disc in case you prefer to watch the film from a home theater system. Simply get back the UV version if your children like to watch the same film in your car, iPhone or any other gadget. Possession of the UltraViolet copy gives the user ownership of the movie. There are no extra fees to worry about anywhere and each time you want to watch. The user practically owns the license to watch UltraViolet movies.

UV Works Effectively

uv works effectively

The platform is effective. You can be sure about that. Purchase a disc. See to it that the streamed content is available to you without interferences from the cloud. There is another alternative of watching the streamed format. The UltraViolet movies system enables users to download clips into recordable discs or USB sticks for watching physical copies.

UltraViolet does not store files. On the contrary, UV takes care of managing and coordinating the rights for different accounts and not the content. These are stored in cloud servers and operated by UV-compatible retailers. Some of these are retail giants like Best Buy and Wal-Mart plus streaming providers or cable companies in your areas. Streaming is fast and future-proof. At the same time, you will not encounter compatibility problems for UV content can be played on all matching players or devices.

The UltraViolet solution opens all possibilities for multiple playback mechanisms like the TV, iPhone, iPad, and personal computer.

The formula is simple:
UV enables users to watch movies they purchased any way they like it.
Yes, the steps may be quite wearisome but things get easier as time progresses.
You have the prerogative to convert content (DVDs) to UltraViolet movies and enjoy the play anywhere convenience as value for your money.

Final Thoughts

This novel platform may be one of the solutions to piracy of videos. Although this predicament may not be resolved by a hundred percent, it looks like a positive step towards that direction. Unscrupulous individuals and groups will surely not stop at pilfering content notwithstanding the formulation of more technologies. Nevertheless, UltraViolet movies can move on and this medium can gradually take the place of optical storage.

UltraViolet Player is developed and maintained by a highly-specialized team of web developers, designers, WordPress experts, and technical content writers working collectively.

The goal of UltraViolet Player is to come up with edifying tutorials, techniques and pointers that will help educate consumers regarding UltraViolet movies. It looks forward to provide reliable information for teaching people of all ages about the UV systems and capabilities.

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