Interested in taking advantage of the UltraViolet platform? Learn more about the innovative way to store and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Are you planning to put up a digital movie collection? The initial step is to figure out the best service. To begin with, the digital library is composed of movies that can be accessed for as long as you have a stable internet connection. In case you have downloaded the content, it’s possible to watch them from compatible mobile devices offline, from any place and at any time.

Go UltraViolet

Digital versions are cheaper than DVD or Blu-Ray. Try the UltraViolet platform. Redeem the UltraViolet code from the website of this cloud-based digital rights storage for movies and TV shows. The code normally includes a site that you can visit. Most of these films or programs, especially new titles, have the Blu-Ray or DVD as typical feature. These are marked either in front or at the back of the cover.

There’s iTunes of Apple which is of course very popular. Apple was the pioneer provider of digital movies. And, there’s UltraViolet. Then, UV came along. Now, take your pick: iTunes or UV?
The first question is which is more convenient or suitable to your lifestyle?

Upsides of UV

UltraViolet analyzed the imperfections of the competitor carefully and addressed these issues in detail. With UV, you can share the library with a maximum of five other users. Likewise, you need not worry that UltraViolet Movies can use up a lot of space in your desktop. Just add to your repository within the UV cloud upon redemption.

There’s an option to download if you want to watch later without the Internet from modern mobile phones (Android or Apple). UltraViolet works with multiple apps like Disney Anywhere, Wal-Mart, Target, Flixster, and Vudu. Each one has its own application that you are free to download from the web.

By the way, UV cloud refers to a hard drive with infinite space for your UltraViolet Movies. The hard drive is Internet-based and does not require connection to the computer. Simply log in, provide the password, and you’re able to start. And, don’t forget to connect to the Internet.

Wal-Mart just introduced InstaWatch Vudu. This is how the system functions:

  • The website of Wal-Mart contains digital versions of certain movies. See to it you have signed in to your free Wal-Mart account used for buying any merchandise from their e-commerce site. The movie must have a logo that says, InstaWatch Vudu.
  • After buying the item (it may take a few minutes), Wal-Mart will email you a link which will send you to their Vudu collection. You will see the content ready for viewing. In other words, you have the film even before it reaches your mailbox.
  • Browse the Wal-Mart website for more information.

UltraViolet permits users to watch movies on TV with the Blu-Ray player (pre-installed using the Vudu application). Make sure you are logged in to your Vudu account or create one if you don’t have one yet. Many Blu-Ray players use apps that match UltraViolet. Still, Vudu as well as Flixster are the most well-liked.

Certainly, there are disadvantages such as learning the process. Creating UltraViolet and Vudu accounts may seem confusing at first especially for non-techie individuals but it can be learned eventually.

Hollywood’s Choice

An article published online said the UltraViolet digital format is the favored option to the version produced by Apple through iTunes. There’s no doubt that iTunes is the most admired media player globally. Millions of consumers buy Apple Macs, desktops, iPhones, and iPads. The iTunes digital copy offered a solution that erases any notion of getting illegal copies from questionable websites.

However, Hollywood seemed to find objectionable Apple’s omission to provide answers to all its concerns. Hence, the film production giant made it public in September of 2010 that it was choosing UltraViolet. Other studios joined the bandwagon except for Disney Films which remained with iTunes until last year. Disney already declared its Digital Copy Plus which provides users a UV cross-platform offering a redemption code for iTunes, Vudu, or Amazon Instant for as long as they are residents of the USA. There are more than 12,000 titles that can be found on UltraViolet since January of this year.

What’s the Catch?

It’s always a choice to purchase or rent from iTunes rather than get DVDs or Blu-Ray films. Or, purchase DVDs or Blu-Ray with UltraViolet. It’s up to you to decide. Then, the consensus is going for the UV platform.

How does one redeem and share movies making use of UltraViolet?

Step 1: Create your UV account. Proceed to the website of the Digital Entertainment Content Eco System or DECE and simply sign up. Otherwise, you may create the UltraViolet account in the Flixster application designed for Apple devices. This is the sole app on iOS and Mac that allows users to view UltraViolet Movies. Remember iTunes will not work.

Step 2: Create a Flixster account by going to its website. Select the flick you want to add.

Step 3: Input the redemption code that comes along with the movie. This is found in the UV-branded slip inside the box of Blu-Ray or DVD. By choosing this method, you must create accounts for both Flixster and UltraViolet.

Step 4: After redeeming the movie, add the same to your UV collection which is in the Flixster application. Stream or download the movie or television episode. Be careful! Some Hollywood motion pictures allegedly offer a digital High-Definition version. In reality, what they provide is an SD or Standard-Definition format.

Step 5: You may also download the film using reliable WI-FI connection since streaming consumes mobile data quickly. This can mean more expenses on your part. From the positive point of view, UltraViolet permits the user to download the movie into a maximum of 12 other devices. It may also be streamed to three separate devices simultaneously or share the content with six other family members and friends.

Step 6: To share the UV library, create a separate account for each individual on the UltraViolet site. Afterwards, build the shared library which your next of kin can access without any difficulty.

It’s really hassle-free after all!

Also, bear this in mind:

UltraViolet is not compatible with iTunes. And, there are more issues such as the multiple steps of signing up specifically for beginners as well as the half truths from some studios whether you truly get an appropriate digital high-definition download. Then, there’s the requirement of using various applications from iTunes frequently used by consumers.

Here’s more: Customer service may not be that complete or efficient because there’s no centralized UltraViolet number that customers can call 24/7. In case there’s a problem, the only option of clients is to send an email about the concern through the UV or Flixster websites. However, this may not be answered promptly. Your other alternative is to file your grievance with the Home Entertainment Division of the company where the DVD or Blu-Ray UV digital copy was acquired.

Nonetheless, these should not even bother you. UltraViolet can be trusted.

Movies purchased from iTunes will not play on Xbox. At the same time, television programs that come from (Instant Video) will not play in Vudu players. This is where the UV becomes more user-friendly. It is a more convenient system that makes the purchase anywhere, play anywhere pattern doable. It is supported by the digital optical disc storage format and shifts from physical to digital medium. UV gives consumers transferable rights for movies and television shows regardless of the number of retail sources.

UltraViolet has become a windfall for consumers who love to rent or buy TV and movie digital content. They can watch motion picture flicks and TV content across several branded platforms. These are personal computers; connected Television units; video game consoles; tablets; mobile phones (Apple and Android); Roku; and, Xbox.

The UV logo and brand name help differentiate content, gadgets and services from different service providers. These are the likes of Cable TV firms; manufacturers of consumer electronics; movie studios; retail establishments; and ISPs that collaborate with one another.

The UltraViolet platform is a digital rights storage created for movies and television programs or episodes. It is really perfect for people who are enthralled by digital content that they can watch on different devices.

The Digital Entertainment Content Eco-system (DECE) supports the UltraViolet model. DECE is composed of more than 80 companies that include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cable TV firms and movie outfits. DECE is involved in actual design and classification of the UV environment which consists of formulating specifications, determining rules and guidelines, and other functions. Refer to for information about this Group.

You may go over the site, for extra details or any queries regarding the features and other details about UltraViolet movies.

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