Now, you can watch UltraViolet movies through the Roku cable boxes.

Roku has become a byword in the digital world having led the way in streaming content for television. Roku streaming player refers to a digital media player set-top unit or set-top box. It is popularly known as cable box. The device includes a television tuner input and display output to a TV set with external signal source. Content form may be displayed on the TV screen or other display devices.

The Roku (from the Japanese word, six) streaming device obtains data or video stream using wired or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet router or switching program. Output data is by way of audio, video, or High-definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) cables. The device in turn may be connected to any TV set with the proper input connection. Programming and content come from different providers.

Roku Streaming

Roku streaming players can connect to TV sets and Roku television with built-in streaming experience. Users only need to hook up to the worldwide web, set up their Roku accounts, and begin the streaming process. This is a more affordable and convenient way of watching television shows.

Set-up and use are quite simple. Roku devices come with a basic remote control electronic device. The Roku search feature makes it easy for users to look for content they prefer to watch. With Roku streaming, you can have instant access to more than 500,000 films as well as television episodes from leading paid and free channels. In other words, it is possible to stream practically anything you want.

What is streaming in the first place?

Watching a video clip from YouTube on your mobile phone or Netflix motion picture is streaming. It is the manner by which audio and video content is delivered online. Streaming has turned out as a popular method of watching TV. The benefit of streaming is you need not wait for the actual download or recording to be completed.

Reasons for Creating a Roku Account

Is it necessary to create a separate Roku account?

The answer is yes.

This is needed so you can add channels and begin streaming on the Roku streaming box or Roku television.

The Roku account keeps the Roku streaming apparatus that you own as well as channels that were installed. Of course, your settings and preferences must be included. A legitimate email address should be linked to your Roku account. This allows easy management of the account as well as receiving vital notifications. Likewise, a strong and secure password is important so the account will not be breached or compromised.

With regards to passwords, the United States Department of Homeland Security recently published an article, Choosing and Protecting Passwords.  You can read the full article here:

Channels should be downloaded and installed properly on the Roku streaming device prior to streaming any media content such as UltraViolet movies. First of all, your Roku player must be connected to the Roku account. By doing this, you can do the following:

  • Add channels coming from the Channel Store.
  • Manage all linked devices and subscriptions.
  • See your purchase history.
  • Update preferences like payment methods and PIN.

How to Create your Account

The Roku streaming device should be connected to a Roku account before activation can be implemented. The account is free of charge (no fees are paid) although you will be required to provide a method of payment like credit card or PayPal. This payment mode linked to your account enables users who can subscribe to their favorite channels; purchase or rent films and television shows; and, purchase from the Channel Shop of Roku.

Users do not have to worry since adding or changing payment methods will not result in charges in their respective accounts. Several Roku streaming players may be connected to only one account. This account may also be created at

UltraViolet, Vudu & Roku

Vudu is a web-based streaming service allowing consumers to rent or purchase movie blockbusters once these are available on DVD or BLU-RAY. Vudu also produces current seasons of television hits that may be purchased. It is a reliable source for people who follow these programs on cable.

Wal-Mart acquired Vudu in 2010. It is now used as the company’s main platform for content distribution. Vudu does not require paid subscriptions because clients only need to sign up and buy content like UltraViolet movies.

Vudu maintains a Roku channel. Motion picture favorites can be streamed using the Roku device. This includes content purchased through Vudu and movies in UV accounts. The UltraViolet account may be connected to the Vudu account. The Vudu website contains instructions to set up Vudu channel on Roku. You also have the option to pay a minimal disc fee of $2 per item. Signing up with Vudu entitles the user to add five HDX movies free of charge from a small compilation to his or her VUDU library.

Vudu Signup

Go through these easy steps:

Step 1: Proceed to the Channel Store. Vudu does not impose fees for adding to your Roku streaming box.

Step 2: Scroll to the category of Movies and Television. Use the arrow buttons found on the remote control. This will highlight the Vudu channel. Select the OK Icon.

Step 3: Install Vudu. Select the ‘Add Channel’ button. To launch the channel right away, choose ‘Go to Channel’. After adding the channel, Vudu will be included in your home screen.

Step 4: Set up the Vudu Account. Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen to sign up and activate your account.

As you can see, the signup process is trouble-free. Vudu has been integrated with Facebook. Thus, you may sign up easily using the FB option. Here are your choices: Create a Vudu account, use your Identification (ID). When you register an account, it is possible to sign up for UV. Movies bought from services supported by UltraViolet (Flixster or M-GO) may be viewed on Vudu provided it is connected to the UV account.

M-Go, owned by Fandango, is a new service in digital entertainment. It features a pay as you go streaming platform to help consumers locate, rent, purchase and relish digital content on their preferred devices. There are no subscription fees to worry about other than payment for movies and television shows.

Roku Target Ticket

Roku also unveiled the Redeem UltraViolet: Target Ticket to stream UltraViolet movies. The page explains the process of redeeming UV movie offers frequently included with new Blu-Ray and DVD content purchases using Target Ticket.

The Target Ticket channel makes streaming of UltraViolet movies through the Roku device easy. New Target Ticket accounts were opened. An ongoing promotion is 10 UV titles (Standard Definition) that come free from available titles.

Consumers holding UV accounts and owning Roku streaming players can look forward to user-friendly channels (Roku) for movie streaming in UV accounts to TV.

ROKU is compatible with major paid or free programming from multiple services like:

Aside from these, there are thousands of channels for news, children shows, sports, and international programs. Broadcast channels include ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC. Meanwhile, major music platforms are Spotify, Pandora and SIRIUS XM.

4th and 5th ROKU Generations

Roku made public the release of Roku 4 last October 6, 2015. This new device has a video streaming capacity of 4K. The product comes with remote control finder, updated software called the Roku OS 7, and hardware. This supports Wi-Fi 802.11 AC.

One year later (September 26, 2016), Roku decided to overhaul the entire liner-up of its Roku streaming player. New models were introduced, namely:

  • Roku Express (low-end)
  • Roku Express + (high-end)
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere +
  • Roku Ultra

It retained the Streaming Stick (#3600) released in April as a 6th option. Roku Premiere + and Roku Ultra will still support the HDR video (High-definition).

UltraViolet System

The UltraViolet system does not keep or deliver content. On the contrary, UV will keep track of the movies and programs that a user owns. Various retailers mentioned above along with streaming service platforms store and supply movies over the world-wide web. It facilitates exchange of information among Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. This concept is called interoperability.

UltraViolet together with other online video systems offer alternatives to Blu-Ray and DVD discs. It extends the life cycle of physical media by improving the shift or evolution because numerous discs have UltraViolet rights.

UltraViolet is a popular digital rights collection where users can purchase movies and television content. UltraViolet movies can be watched practically anywhere using multiple devices like Roku.

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