We’ve listed a number of quick answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding UltraViolet.

What is Ultra Violet?

Ultra Violet is a digital licence “storage” system, which enables you to stream or download digital movies or TV shows to a number of devices, giving you greater flexibility on where you can watch content you have purchased.
Best of all, the UltraViolet platform is free to use! Simply purchase a movie or TV show which has an UltraViolet sticker, and add it to your UV library.

How does Ultra Violet work?

When you buy an UltraViolet movie or TV show which has the UV sticker on, you can add a digital code to your online UltraViolet account. UV players such as Flixster can then confirm that you are allowed to access the file, and will then allow you to stream or download it to your device. For a full list of UltraViolet compatible devices, look here.

Do I have to pay to use UltraViolet?

Yes and no.

There is no charge associated with creating and using an UltraViolet account, however you would need to pay for the content which will be streamed. The majority of movie and TV show DVDs on sale today will have a sticker (please see the below FAQ “How do I know if my DVD includes an UltraViolet copy?”), which indicates that there’s a code inside.

So simply, once you have purchased a DVD which includes a UV copy, there is no cost to add it to your UltraViolet library.

How do I know if my DVD includes an UltraViolet copy?

DVDs which include UltraViolet have a sticker on them.UltraVioletDVDsticker

Can I share my UltraViolet library with other people?

Sure! Your library of UltraViolet content can be shared with up to 5 others. You can give each of these users individual accounts with different usernames/passwords and permissions/parental controls.

How do the UltraViolet parental controls work?

If you are a parent, you could give each of your children a different account (username/password), with each account having different access rights.

For example, you could give children of different ages different ratings, for example access to PG, 12 and 15 movies.

Which devices can be used to stream and download UltraViolet movies and TV shows?

UltraViolet content can be streamed or downloaded to your PC, Mac and a range of mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

For more detailed information, have a read of our main article here.

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