To watch Ultraviolet (UV) movies on a Windows 11 computer, you will need to first download and install a compatible Ultraviolet movie playback software. Popular options include Vudu, Flixster, and CinemaNow. Once the software is installed, you will need to link your account with the software using the redemption code provided with the movie. The redemption code will allow you to add the movie to your online “cloud” library. Once the movie is in your library, you can access it and watch it through the playback software you have installed.

Windows 11 now comes with an app called Microsoft Movies. A growing number of UV moviess upport this App, so it is worth checking to see if the UV movie you have is compatible.

It’s worth noting that Some of the UV movies are country-specific and may not be available in your region.

Microsoft Movies offers a new way of watching Ultraviolet titles on Windows 11

Learn more about the Microsoft Movies app here.

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