What is UltraViolet?

What is UltraViolet?

You may have seen UltraViolet mentioned online and in the news, or maybe you’ve never heard of it until today.

Either way, UltraViolet can be hard to understand, and you’re probably thinking well, “What is UltraViolet?!”.

In simple terms, UltraViolet acts as a digital storage system or “locker”, in which you can keep a digital licence for your content. It is simply a way to store your digital content licence, allowing you to view your UV content across many devices.

For example, when you buy a DVD with a UV sticker on, you’ll find a yellow and purple card inside which includes a unique code.


You’ll first need an UltraViolet account (follow the guide here – http://ultravioletplayer.tv/guides/how-to-create-an-ultraviolet-account/ for details). Once you have created an account, simply add this code to your UV library, and you can then use programs such as Flixster to stream or download the digital content to a range of devices.


Your UltraViolet library can then be shared with up to 5 other users, each of which has a unique username, password and access level (PG, 12, 15 etc.)