How Can I Play UltraViolet on a Roku?

How Can I Play UltraViolet on a Roku?

Roku’s are great devices. Sky even had a special version made for its ‘Now TV’ service. But did you know that you can stream and download UltraViolet content too? Well you can!


To begin watching UltraViolet content on your Roku, simply follow these instructions:

1. Turn on your Roku, and navigate to the Channel Store.

2. Within the Channel Store, go to the “Movies & TV” area.

3. Search for the Flixster app. Then click on the app with with red popcorn bucket!

4. Click Install.

5. Once Flixster has been installed on your Roku, you will need to create an UltraViolet account. Simply enter a few details such as your email, and create a password, then you’ll be able to start right away


will be able to both download and stream UltraViolet content to your Roku device.